This Might Feel Like Home


A Verbatim Theatre Piece
Created & Curated by Simone Brodie & Mika Laulainen

Directed by Simone Brodie

Performed by Erika Babins, Randi Edmundson, Mika Laulainen, Jonathan Mason, Xavier de Salaberry & Jess Amy Shead

Designs by Simone Brodie & Mika Laulainen

Funded By The Mount Pleasant/Little Mountain Neighborhood Small Grants Program
A multi-disciplinary performance that asks the questions: “how do you live?” “why do you live here?” and “what makes this place your home?”  Through interviews from neighbourhood people, we plan to build a show on the subject of housing, home, and community in this city. We will use the words from interviews to tell the story of the “Vancouver Special.” From Italian immigrant to Hipster Central, this piece celebrates how, as diverse as we are, we all have something in common… There is something that truly makes Vancouver special.

Presented at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (Nov 14-16, 2013)