Raccoonnaissance by Mika Laulainen

First workshop performance
Kaleidoscope Family Theatre Festival
at the Belfry Theatre, Victoria, BC
June 9-10, 2018

Based in clown, Raccoonnaissance tells the story of a girl who, raised by raccoons, now lives her life as one. Sometimes silly, oftentimes perilous, Raccoonaissance is a solo physical theatre piece for all ages. As the girl uncovers more about her own mystery, the show navigates themes of identity, self-realization, and shines a light on the masks we wear. A cheeky film noir adventure set in the back alleys of an urban centre, Raccoonnaissance invites us to consider present day class issues and societal attitudes towards the trash that we create… and leave behind.

Creation & Clowning by Mika Laulainen
Direction & Creative Collaboration by Sarah Harrison
Costume Design by Shelby Wyminga

Photography by Ampuseek


3 hissing in the bins