Paper Dreams

Devising by Simone Brodie, Randi Edmundson, and Mika Laulainen

Performed by Randi Edmundson and Mika Laulainen

A writer receives a gift from her father, the private journals he kept through highschool. The writer, with her own old journals, decides to put her sixteen year old self in a room with her teenage dad – and ask some questions. Utilizing puppetry and verbatim text, Paper Dreams asks you to reconsider the relationships you value. If it weren’t for the specific circumstances that brought you two together, how would you choose to relate to a person?”

Paper Dreams was one of two residencies at Intrepid Theatre’s Winterlab, then workshopped as part of Intrepid Theatre’s YOU Show series on April 5th, 2014.  On May 14th, it was presented at Upintheair’s 2014 rEvolver Festival at The Cultch.

Upintheair’s rEvolver Festival (May 2014)

There is also this article from our residency with Intrepid Theatre in January!