Concept by Randi Edmundson
Created by Randi Edmundson, Stephanie Elgersma, Aliya Griffin, Mika Laulainen, & Jared Raschke
Directed by Mika Laulainen

Featuring Randi Edmundson, Stephanie Elgersma, & Jared Raschke

Set & Lighting Design by Jared Raschke
Sound Design by Julie Casselman
Puppet Design by Randi Edmundson

Featuring puppeteers trained by the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, Kolejka combines rod and shadow puppetry, physical theatre, and rockin’ gypsy punk to create a whimsical and surprising show. Inspired by a board game of the same name, Kolejka is an exploration of human ingenuity, a peek into a troubling part of world history, and a magical story of loneliness and human connection.

Vancouver-based emerging company star star theatre, teaming up with members of The Troika Collective, is delighted to present a brand new, grown-up puppet show. Kolejka follows the story of Babushka – clever, charming, and getting on in years. She’s desperately looking for something – or someone – and, accompanied by her feisty little dog, embarks on an adventure through a fantastical version of the Soviet world to fill that void. Together, Babushka and her companion trick their way to the front of breadlines, mug people, cat burgle, and more – until they meet their match.

50 Minutes

Performed at the rEvolver Theatre Festival (May 2016)
The Culture Lab at The Cultch

dsc_6259-1While early versions of Kolejka were tied more closely to the board game, during its development the creative team took the puppet show in a different direction. “It is a little bit of a departure from standing in line and getting what you want,” says Edmundson. “Now it focuses on Babushka, a very lonely woman who needs something, or someone, to fill an empty space in herself.”

-Mark Robins, Preview from Vancouver Presents: Puppet show and immigrant stories among offerings at this year’s rEvolver Theatre Festival

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