Mika Laulainen
(the one who answers the emails)

Mika Laulainen is a director based out of Vancouver, BC. She is a graduate of the University of Victoria’s Theatre program with a specialization in directing. She is also a playwright, producer, and puppeteer. Her focus is on ensemble driven, physical work where heightened theatricality marries aesthetic minimalism. Her passion is theatre that can change the world.

For star star, Mika has directed Precious Little, Kolejka, PornographyA-Grade, the workshop of WILD/SOCIETY, and Sea of Green. She is the writer of WILD/SOCIETY and GOPHER/BROKE, a set of microplays meant to be performed back to back, about fancy animals and environmental activism. She was a co-creator and co-curator of This Might Feel Like Home. She worked on Where Have All The Lightning Bugs Gone? as a producer and as an actor.  She has produced for star star since the beginning in 2013.

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We love working with new folks and return pals!
We’ve worked on multiple star star productions with these amazing artists:

  • Nico Dicecco – Precious Little (SM), Sticks + Bones (performer, producer), WILD/SOCIETY (SM)
  • Randi Edmundson – Kolejka (concept, producer, puppet designer, puppeteer). Pornography (actor, producer), A-Grade (actor, producer, costumer designer), This Might Feel Like Home (actor).
  • Stephanie Elgersma – Kolejka (performer), Pornography (performer)
  • Jessica Fainstein – Company Logo Design, A-Grade (poster), This Might Feel Like Home (poster)
  • Noah Ferguson – A-Grade (photography), PARTY PARTY 1+2 (photography)
  • Andy Garland – A-Grade (playwright), Sea of Green (playwright)
  • Jordan Jenkins – WHATLBG? (performer), Sea of Green (performer)
  • Pippa Johnstone – WILD/SOCIETY (SM), Sea of Green (performer)
  • Jamie King – GOPHER (director), WILD (director)
  • Julie Leung – Pornography (performer), WILD/SOCIETY (workshop performer)
  • Melissa Oei – GOPHER/BROKE (performer), WILD/SOCIETY (performer), Pornography (performer)
  • Spencer Powell – Sea of Green (poster), Paper Dreams (poster)
  • Jared Raschke – Precious Little (set, lights), Kolejka (performer, set, lights), Pornography (set, lights), A-Grade (set, lights)