The Angel Over East Van

The Angel Over East Van by CR Packer

Regina Fringe (July 11-15, 2018)
Saskatoon Fringe (August 1-11, 2018)

Welcome to East Vancouver, where politically correct parenting, snowflake children, and unusual after school programs reign supreme. Ada, age 8, is off to Christmas Carol Writing Camp, where she teams up with a small band of misfits to figure out what’s going on in the back room at the local community centre… The Angel Over East Van is a children’s play for adults, complete with questioning the big things, swearing, and drugs.

Directed & Produced by Mika Laulainen
Written & Performed by CR Packer
Christmas Carol by Eric Biskupski


Review: The Angel Over East Van 2018 yxefringe

“The genuinely dark element certainly was most successful in grabbing our attention. As for the comedy, Packer played to a rather sparse house on Saturday, which was a pity, because the warmth of a larger audience with a wider range of life experiences might have aided and abetted the humour inherent in her clever script: the classic perspective of a child untangling adult explanations of a multicultural, multiracial place that pays lip-service to political correctness but lets slip lurking attitudes colouring a bewildering variety of philosophies, lifestyles and religious stances. […] Packer plays the part of Ada in a high, twittery voice that is not put on. It is her own and it perfectly captures a little girl giving us the background to the Christmas carol she is about to share with us. In her story-telling, she nicely jumps from side to side to give us reactions and dialogue from her mother, her father and her companion misfits at the Carol Camp.”

– Ian C Nelson, independent yxefringe reviewer